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From Pit Masters and contest kings to backyard BBQ warriors. The BBQ Association of America is here to make BBQ fun, provide education, but most of all help everyone in the community enjoy and experience DELICIOUS BBQ!

We are BBQ enthusiasts always striving in our own backyards and professional kitchens to create the tastiest piece of BBQ we can. Having shared tips, and tricks within the original community we decided to open this up to all those who truly love BBQ and everything that comes with it. We love just being in the backyard with our families enjoying great times and great food.

We have members that run commercial BBQ enterprises to those who are just trying to figure out the perfect way to grill a burger or steak. We are committed to helping the professional become better and more effective and the weekend warrior blow your guests minds with the best BBQ they’ve ever tasted from a backyard pit or grill.
We want you to take pride in your BBQ and know that when it’s served either in your backyard or a sanctioned contest you have set a standard of BBQ that will be hard to match.



Each and every one of our members commits to providing the best service, product and experience for their clients, customers, friends and family. Join our growing list of members today.

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