Elote (Mexican Corn)


White Sweet Corn on the Cob

Melted Butter
Fresco queso or Parmesan
Chili powder


Set up grill for direct and indirect grilling. Peel back the husks and tie them off with some roasting string.  The peeled back husk will be used as your handle.  Grill your corn on indirect heat for about 7-8 minutes turning frequently.  Now place on the direct heat side of the grill.  Turn frequently for about 3-5 more minutes.  Remove from grill and begin dressing the corn.  First slather on some melted butter.  Now apply mayo all over the corn.  Now go ahead and add a little bit of cilantro.  Apply fresco queso next.  The next step is to add chili powder.  Do so lightly.  Last but not least squeeze a lime.  Enjoy!

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