Brined Smoked Turkey!

Brine Ingredients:

2 Quarts Orange Juice
2 Quarts Apple Juice
2 Cups Kosher Salt

1 Cup Brown Sugar
1 tsp Nutmeg
10 Allspice Cloves (whole)
1 Gallon Water

Turkey: 8/12 lb. – smoke turkey 30 minutes per pound.

Directions for Brine:

Take a 40 gallon cooler and pour in the orange juice and apple juice.  Next add 2 cups kosher salt, 1 cup brown sugar, 1 tsp Nutmeg, and 10 allspice cloves.  Last but not least add 1 gallon of water.  Mix thoroughly.  Add the bird and let brine for 24 hours.

Preheat Smoker to 225 degrees. Cook turkey 30 minutes per pound.  You will also know when the turkey is done when the breast reaches internal temp of 160 degrees and the thigh/leg reaches temp of 180 degrees.  Remove turkey and let rest for 30 minutes.

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